Simon Cowell the sexy English Gazillionaire executive that is well known for his work with American Idol, X Factor may very well now be known for his very own Simon Cowell sex tape video according to sources.

Simon Cowell has always been known as a playboy and this time that reputation has bit him in the bum as a young sexy female named Mezhgan Hussainy who if you remember Simon was engaged to marry has claimed to have video of Simon, her and her friend getting it on with the entertainment mogul after a hardcore night of clubbing.

The video features the girls having fun with each other and then working there way to Simon and proceeding to take care of him in many interesting ways. After Simon has been taken care of the duo go at each other for a while and then we get a round two from the mega producer.

Cowell’s management team has said that at this time they have no comment, however they are looking into the videos in question and what steps need to be taken.

[UPDATE] – Another woman from the UK has said that she had video of her blowing Simon in the bathroom of a local party and posted the video.