Indian actress Sonam Kapoor who stars in Hindi cinema and is the daughter of actor Anil Kapoor has been busted in a sex tape filmed sometime in 2010 with non other than Punit Malhotra according to Indian reports. Sonam is famous in India and the Bollywood industry for staring in movies like Saawariya, Delhi-6, I Hate Luv Storys, Raanjhanaa and most recently Khoobsurat. She is also known as “fashionista” in India as she has always been one of the top India celebrities as far as fashion style with appearances in Vogue, FHM, Maxim, GQ, NOTCH, Grazia, Verve, Elle, Femina,and Harper’s Bazaar. Hey, the girl knows fashion.

The tape in questions is said to show Sonam and Punit in a beautiful hotel setting up the camera on a end table while she is naked on the bed and then Punit comes into the frame and takes care of business by going down on her for about 15 minutes. Then after she about takes his head off with her legs due to the pleasure she is getting he then comes up for air and proceeds to the intercourse part of the video that then last only about 5 minutes, so the total run time of the video is about 20 total. We have seen the video and do like it and the individuals in the tape do look exactly like the at the time rumored couple.

Punit was asked by local Bollywood paparazzi about the tapes that where making rounds and he said to them “Sonam and I are good friends and nothing more, as for the tape I have not seen it yet so I really can not comment on that”. Ok there is a few things wrong with these statements… One… Everyone knows that you dated in and around 2010 so there is really no reason to say you are just friends… and two… you are saying you have not seen the tape yet so you can not comment? Really because if there was no tape you would just say there is no tape but instead you say you can not comment because you have not seen the tape being talked about. Uh Oh sounds like someone needs a little PR coaching. lol

We have put in calls to Sonam’s team but have not heard anything back as of yet, they can call us collect if you like. lol

[UPDATE] – Punit was asked again about the tapes he made with Sonam and it seems he may have been coached as this time he only said “no comment”. See there ya go Malhorta.

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