One of our favorite, most beautiful celebs of all time Sophie Turner has been rumored to have a full sex tape porn video many times in the past. Every single time we have viewed the so called sex tape of Sophie Turner it turned out to be far from it. Most recently, social media went absolutely ape shit after ‘Celebrity Busted’ leaked what was said to be the Sophie Turner sex tape video with her new man Joe Jonas, again turned out to be complete horse shit.

There is however a video said to be Sophie with her ex James McVey that we have seen first hand and got super excited, only to be disappointed that you never see any faces (usually a sign of someone trying to pass off a fake). Now with that said this video was done very well, and truly looks like both James and Sophie as far as body and hair styles go, but because you never see any faces, we just can not confirm the videos authenticity.

We have put in calls to Sophie’s reps and asked if the video with ex James has been seen, and they are telling us “the girl in the video is not Sophie Turner”. Though as we all know, every celeb/rep denies at first. So on this video, again we will leave it up to the public to decide for themselves if the video is legit or not.

[UPDATE] New nude photos of Sophie are making rounds from what is said to be a drunkin’ night out on the town in Europe, showing her passed out in her underwear showing the goods. We are also following up on a lot of other photos said to be Sophie… In fact we get about 10-15 pics/videos a day of content said to be Sophie, so needless to say, she keeps us busy trying to authenticate the footage.