Recent reports point to a new tape featuring american actress Stacey Lauretta Dash known for her movies in Clueless, Moving, Mo’ Money and Renaissance Man. Sources are reporting that Emmanuel Xuereb her ex-husband went on record stating that he had about 2hrs worth of intense video of the couple during a very intimate weekend and that he does own the rights to the tapes. He goes on to say that “these videos are better than any celeb tapes out there including Kim Kardashian”… That is one bold statement, but we are always open to new tapes! Though we think this is an attempt to hurt Stacey’s reputation and pad Emmanels pockets, we all know by now sex tapes do not hurt celebrity reputations… they only help.

The video is said to show Stacey plain as day with Emmanuel starting out in a shower scene and then later working their way to the bedroom where the other hour of the video finishes off. From what we have heard the video is very hardcore and filmed via first person with the couple trading off the camera the entire time. The video at times is grainy and was filmed what appears to be sometime in the 90’s.

We have reached out to Stacey’s reps though we have not heard back anything as of yet.