Famous cat walk Victoria Secret supermodel Stella Maxwell is known for her stunning beauty, full throttle attitude towards life and lesbian lifestyle. Now however after hooking up with Miley Cyrus she may follow in the pop stars scandalous lifestyle after video has leaked of Miley and Stella in a make out session.

The tape shows according to reports Stella and Miley plain as day butt ass naked on the bed playing around with cake that they get all over each other and then Miley goes down on Stella eating the cake from her lower region and then s**t gets super real. The video goes on for another 15 min of sucking and kissing on each other like they will never see one another again. It really is great even though you don’t really get to see any of the goods except for boobies, but we all get to see those all the time anyways right.

Miley has dealt with her own sex video scandals before with Patrick Schwarzenegger and their little tapes but now this one takes the cake (pun intended).

Calls to Stella’s reps have been returned: “Stella’s personal life should be of no ones business but her own and I am sure she would ask for you to respect her privacy in her current relationship.” Hey, we have something to say on that. When you are a celebrity it comes with the territory of people wanting to see the inside of your life and that is the way it will always be. Stella’s PR team lady Gwen was kind of a complete bitch to us but oh well.

[UPDATE] – Miley was asked point blank if she has tapes of Stella like the ones being talked about and her reply was: “of course silly and they are much better than the ones with Pat.” Meaning of course the tapes she has confirmed with Patrick Schwarzenegger.