One of the most powerful men in the movie biz Steven Spielberg according to reports has a video with ex-wife Amy Irving that has created the Steven Spielberg sex tape video talk around the web.

It is said that during the steamy love affair they had made a video together at their home in New York City. The video features Steven and his then wife having sex on tape in several different positions and run time is around 15 minutes. All this came to light during the couples divorce in 89′ as Amy was said to be holding the sex tape videos over Stevens head thus the 100M divorce settlement.

Steven has denied the videos are of him and we will not say either way but the resemblance is pretty damn close and users that have seen the videos seem to think it really is the king of movie production. We don’t know about you guys but we think the Indiana Jones movies are much better than the Steven Spielberg sex tapes LOL!

Calls to Steven’s reps have been returned saying: “The videos though close to the same are not of Steven”. Well there ya have it the public thinks it is him and he says it isn’t… same old same ;)