Tameka Raymond Foster is a wreck or so she says after a burglary of over 1M in cash, jewelry, furs and yes her confirmed private sex tape collection with Hip Hop god Usher. Tameka even went on record stating… “Yes, I have had sex with my husband several times and do I want the sex tape to go live? Absolutely not. I am a mother and successful entrepreneur (lol with Ushers $). Sex tapes and pornography would not be my chosen lane. I have no desire to be seen in that way now or at any time in the future.”

The video in question is about 2 full hours of video from a couple encounters with the Hip Hop star Usher and we must say he performs well or at least better than most, so bravo Usher. ;) Anyways, there is a scene in the bathroom that then moves into the bedroom and we can say that Tameka really knows how to take care of her man, we are not sure what the hell he was thinking about leaving her… oh yeah, he said she is “bat s**t crazy”. Yup that would do it, crazy bitches are fun for only a little bit and never get the hint when you are not interested anymore. Oops we are getting off track. Ok, well if you think Usher is sexy or want to see a sex tape where a celeb actually performs well then this is a must see!

Calls to Tameka Raymond’s reps paid for of course by Usher have been returned and they have stated that they will take legal action against anyone who hosts the stolen property and will contact authorities. Welp… we say back to ya > to late there guys once it hits the web forget about it, haven’t we learned that from the 100’s of celebs in the same situation. Hey, any press is good press, let’s move forward.

UPDATE – There is more tapes supposedly of Tameka after a party taken by “a man in the industry” that feature Tameka or at least someone that looks a hell of a lot like her getting down and dirty in what appears to be a frikin’ closet. LOL

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