All over the media is the talk of the WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch AKA Sunny sex tape porn video deal with Vivid Entertainment. We have investigated and found that the deal has already been done and on top of that sources are saying she already has a sex tape video with her husband filmed a few years ago.

TMZ who as we all know is in bed with Steve Hirche at Vivid came out about an offer of $100,000 for her ring and a sex tape of over an hour in length. Then Sunny fired back saying that she is a business woman open to a deal with Vivid but would need more money. Our sources claim though that this is all just media hype and a deal has already been done with Vivid to release her sex tape. This is not the first time Sunny has decided to get into porn as she has also had talks with Brazzers, done nude photo shoots and already has some homemade sex tapes with her husband.

The tapes with her husband are being kept on the down low as Vivid wants the press coverage and membership money to watch their professionally done porn video instead. The tape going around with her husband was made sometime in 2013 and shows what appears to be Sunny playing with herself on the couch and then proceeds to take care of her man. The video quality is just so so, looks like it was recorded on an older cell phone and run time is only about 8min. But, we find it funny that the video is not being talked about by the main stream media when all this talk of a Sunny sex tape came to light.

The Vivid tape will be live sometime in the next couple months and of course we will have it in the members area along with her older tape said to be of Sunny and her husband.

We have reached out to Sunny but so far we have had no reply as expected because god knows she does not want any older sex tapes she made to ruin her chances of getting paid by Vivid. LOL

[UPDATE] – Hahaha! We hate to be right all the damn time but as usual, when it comes to sex tapes we always are. TMZ just reported that in fact the deal has already been done and she already has content with Vivid. We were a week ahead of mainstream media yet again with our inside information, when will these people start listening to us. lol

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