American actress Tara Reid is most widely known for being the super hot blonde in several Hollywood films and now according to reports will be known as another woman that was able to handle Motley Crue’s incredible drummer Tommy Lee and his huge “pickle” as the Tara Reid sex tape video has hit the net according to recent rumors. Now this has not really come as that big of a surprise to us, for one good reason Tara has dated a s**t ton of dudes in Hollywood and several of them have already been caught up in their own naughty tapes.

The video was supposedly filmed at a beach resort in 2005 while Tommy and Tara where an “item” for a short period of time. Run time on the video is only about 22min but is said to show the couple having sex while the double doors where open to the bungalow and paparazzi was catching the entire meeting on video (The video was said to be public property as they had not closed their doors). This all came about after nude still pics from the video of the two surfaced shortly after. In our own opinion, it must be nice to be a famous rocker as the Motley Crue band members have put out more sex tapes than any group on the planet and the girls just continue to line up for them regardless. Anyways, we have seen the video that everyone was talking about and it was very good and the male in the video did have a Tommy Lee type willy but sad to say we do not think it is Tara Reid. Either way we have put the tape in the members area and you can of course decide for yourself.

Calls to Tara’s reps have never been returned on the issue, but the public that has seen the video feel she knew exactly what she was doing and the doors where open for a “reason”. Meaning: Tara’s celeb status has not been that great lately and she needed a bit of a boost. She got a boost alright. LOL

[UPDATE] – Reid’s boyfriend Michael Axtmann has just called it quits on their relationship and friends close to Michael say that he was a bit angry when he heard that Reid and Tommy where a couple. Hey, if your girlfriend had been plugged well by Tommy you would be a bit apprehensive as well.

[UPDATE] – Tara Reid has just posted a very sexy naked selfie on Instagram of her in a hammock and we must say she still looks f**king great! She was offered a 1 million dollar offer for a real video by some bull s**t company. We can go on record with confidence “Tara we will give you a guaranteed 5 million to go through us… we get to chose the male in the video though.” Giggidy!

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