Taylor Swift is now wrapped up in her very own sex tape video scandal after reports of the Taylor Swift sex tape video featuring Taylor with musician John Mayer who has slept with just about every hot ass celeb in Hollywood.

The video supposedly shows Taylor who me might add has said she is still a virgin going down on John and “taking care of business” while he holds his camera phone recording the entire thing on video. John also films himself playing with Taylor’s private area while she is tending to his needs. The videos are said to be about 30min in length and filmed in decent but not high quality video and the public seems to think without a doubt it is Taylor and John.

John was recently asked about the videos in question and replied “no comment at this time” Taylor Swift has been unavailable for comment. Taylor was also accused of making a sex tape video with her former lover Joe Jonas and John has also been busted in several sex tapes as he seems to be the celebrities re-bound dude for some reason.

Calls to Taylor’s reps have not been returned as of yet…

[UPDATE] – Taylor has checked herself into rehab for private issues and then shortly was released saying that it was all just a misunderstanding… weird.

[UPDATE] – Sources are reporting that the same site that was sued and under investigation for the Taylor Swift sex tape video leak have now leaked more video of what is said to be Taylor having sex while on vacation in Europe at a private resort. The video shows what is said to be Taylor and an un-known male in “sexual situations” and has been looked at by our staff. We put the video on the editor and can say without a doubt again this video is not of Taylor unfortunately. So, we are still on the quest for some real footage of Taylor at this point.