Terrence Howard is very well known for being one sexy ass man, starring in films such as Dead Presidents, Mr. Holland’s Opus and most recently Iron Man. Now according to recent reports he will also be added to the list of celeb sex tapes after his wife has leaked the Terrence Howard sex tape video collection. She has not leaked them all only clips at this point to prove that she has them and to threaten the actor into paying a bitch off.

According to recent reports his smoking hot Russian ex-wife Michelle Ghent Howard who is known to be a racist gold-digger by many leaked the Terrence Howard sex tape video. It features Terrence getting down and dirty with a lot of doggy style which seems to be his favorite position. Michelle said to have leaked clips of the sex tape content after the nasty divorce, she wanted to “make some money and show that he was not as much of a man as he should be.” The celebrity sex tape video is said to be very explicit and she is a moaner for sure. We have though figured out why he does not want all his homemade sex tapes to go live… let’s just say he is lacking in the mid section area big time!

[UPDATE] – To “hurt” Terrence more than she already has, his ex-wife has leaked clips on purpose of the sex tape videos of the two having sex at the actors house and run time was a whopping 2hrs! That of course includes the walking around naked and breaks. His ex sure does have a mean body, she must workout a lot!

[UPDATE] – It has come to light that Michelle has even more footage of Howard and this time it is with 2 other girls… He has sex with one of them while the other one films the escapades. She has been threatening him now for a very long time even extorting money out of Howard with threats to leak all the sex tapes and nude photos she has in her private little stash. Michelle has even gone on record with Terrence’s sister in law saying: “I have Terrence by the balls, if he even try’s anything at all or does not pay me what I want all these tapes are going public and he knows it!” Damn girl, that right there is some snake bitch type s**t.

[UPDATE] – Terrence is now trying to get his divorce settlement thrown out that he has to pay $5,800 per month for 3 years as he is claiming he signed the paperwork under duress with the threats of all his homemade porn videos getting leaked by Michelle Grant his ex. Not a bad payday considering the couple was only married for a year. yikes!

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