Who doesn’t like girl on girl, well how about 3 ways. If so you are in luck as in the Tila Tequila sex tape video she gets down and dirty in her lesbian celebrity sex tape video with some girlfriends having fun with a camcorder recently after a party at Tila’s house and we must say it is very good.

Is it just us, or can girls eat puntang extremely well?! The Tila Tequila sex tape video was sold and licensed by by Vivid who jumped on the opportunity to post the sex tapes before anyone else got their hands on the videos. If you love Tila like we do or enjoy watching tons of women eating each other out you will defiantly love this video. There is also new video of Tila with a young un-identafied male and another female having sex on tape after a party that Tila attended at the Playboy mansion and is said to be really damn good as the threesome are drunk of their asses and a little bit of anal pleasure seems to happen on both girls. Ouch!

Calls to Tila’s reps went un-returned thus far, however we could only find her old management team who said they would forward the info to Tila for us. We are just waiting to hear back from her on the sex tapes.

[UPDATE] – More exposed sex tape content of Tila Nguyen Tequila has been leaked they are saying “Superstar Tila Tequila gets anally uncorked in this extreme sex tape. Hiding from the paparazzi Tila meets her hung boyfriend for a hot night of deep pounding, squirting and aggressive anal f**king.” This is confirmed and very true as Tila does things with her body that can hardly be imaged for such a small little Asian. Anyways. we liked it and you will to especially the part where Tila looses control of her bodily functions during an orgasm and squirts everywhere, pretty damn good if you ask us. ;)

[UPDATE] – Tila has done another shoot with Vivid in the back of the video. Being marketed as yet another tape Tila gets down and dirty with a super hung male that does everything for about 45min including an amazing anal scene that Tila thoroughly enjoyed. Vivid “leaked” the video to pre-orders and had a really good return considering this is now like the third set of videos that Tila has done.

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