You may recognize him the most from his performance in “Saving Private Ryan” opposite Tom Hanks as Sgt. Horvath however, now you will remember Tom for the Tom Sizemore sex tape video and his love for high price hookers available at all times on the movie sets.

The Tom Sizemore sex tape video offers a special look into Tom’s life while he was living in an apt with 8 full time hookers due to his exorbitant living expenses from all the money made in the film industry. There is a total of 4 sex tapes featuring some great babes that are worth a great review! They basically have sex on a daily basis and from reports of one of the hookers Tom is into some freaky ass s**t that some of them would not do. However in the hooker industry if there is something you want to do, for the right price it will happen.

Calls to Tom’s reps where returned: “Tom was going through a difficult time and has since gone to counseling for his sex addiction” Can sex be an addiction? LMAO!

[UPDATE] – One of the prostitutes that was staying with Tom has come forward with another 2 hours of video featuring Tom and the girls partying it up with several very large sex toys. She said that they had a ton of fun and miss Tom and the time they spent together.