American actress, author and daughter of famous producer Aaron Spelling Tori Spelling has been according to reports caught up in her very own Tori Spelling sex tape video scandal.

The videos in question feature Tori and ex-husband Charlie Shanian engaging in a night of passion at a hotel in New York filmed in 2004 and was leaked by Charlie after being pissed off about Tori supposedly cheating on him with Dean McDermott. The video shows the couple in the very nice room kissing on the bed after a night out on the town and after a while of them making out the video gets serious and straight to getting it on. Run time is said to be about 20min and features Charlie and Tori’s full sexual encounter and then after the sex part of the video Charlie says “my god you are so damn sexy, I am going to use this video”. By use we asume he is saying elegantly that he is going to jerk it to the video when Tori is not avaialble. LOL

Calls to Tori’s reps have been returned: “If there is a sex tape of Tori and Charlie going around, Tori at no time approved the distribution rights of the video”. Well we kind of figured that one out for ourselves. ;)

[UPDATE] – There is now more video of Tori with what is said to be rocker Vince Neil that users are saying no doubt it is them filmed in the early 90’s.

[UPDATE] – Charlie has commented to paparazzi that bumped into him outside of a local LA bar and said: “Look man that was a long time ago and I have the utmost respect for Tori and would never do that to her”. Well there ya go.

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