That’s right the Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape video with her ex-boyfriend and well known London Rapper/MC – Justin Edwards AKA “MC Ultra” has leaked to the internet.

The video shows Tulisa well known for her stint on X-Factor giving her then boyfriend Justin head before a gig. Justin simply walks up to Tulisa and pulls his pants down and Tulisa has no delay to immediately go down on him and relive his stress before he gets on stage. Justin and Tulisa broke up and Justin was kind of pissed about the whole thing so he told his friends that he put a sex tapes of Himself and Tulisa on the net and to take a look. Well 10 seconds later the “private” video was public and the rest is history.

When Tulisa was asked about the video she replied “yes it is real and yes it is me, however I am very disappointed in Justin for stooping so low.” Justin was unavailable for comment and his managers said he was to busy to deal with this issue at this time.

Calls to Tulisa’s management team have not been returned as we expected.

[UPDATE] – Tulisa has gone on record for us finally: “I did what I did and hope that people can see me for who I am not for some scandal that happened to leak to the public and I am very happy that most people I have seen talk about the video have only been positive and not negative of me.”

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