That’s right rapper celebrity has recently had the Tupac Shakur sex tape video leak to the public from the source that purchased the video and said would not release the content according to recent reports!

Here we have the rapper legend Tupac Shakur at a party getting blow jobs by random groupie women in front of everyone at the Hollywood Hills party. The Tupac Shakur sex tape video in question shows 2Pac with a group of homies kickin it with weed, liqueur and women. At one point in the video, one of the females goes over to Tupac and starts giving him a very nice blowjob in front of everyone while the rapper is holding his drink in one hand and talking with a friend to the right. The best part of the video is no matter what Tupac does the girl giving him head never misses a beat. She is a trooper!

[UPDATE] – There is also new private footage of what is said to be Tupac banging on tons of willing women just waiting for their turn with the rap star that has leaked from several sources, we can’t believe the amount of women that this man has slept with. 2 PAC can also be seen in almost every video smoking on a fatty… Ahhhh to be a rap star!

[UPDATE] – Even more video of 2PAC getting it on with some girls that think they are in with the king of hip hop surfaced today and show the rapper having his way with 2 of them at the same time. Damn white girls are dumb. LOL