Vanessa Hudgens and her little boyfriend have been caught up in a celebrity hot tub scandal of the celebrity teen power duo out in the open and we must say having a Vanessa Hudgens sex tape video is just fine with us!

The story goes that Vanessa was vacationing with Zac Efron at a very nice plush hotel with a private room with an outdoor hot tub and well that’s when s**t happens! According to the reports Vanessa and Zach go at it like busy little beaver in the hot tub and it was all caught on video tape by nearby paparazzi. Oops!

Vanessa is no stranger to celeb nude scandals as in 2007 nude photo’s leaked to the net while she was with Disney and she quickly apologized for the pics that where released (We never want to hear an apology for nude photo’s leaking to the net, especially by someone as fine as Vanessa).

Calls placed to Vanessa’s reps have been returned: “We are aware of the content in question and verify that the nude content is real and  apologize to everyone for Vanessa’s laps in judgement”. Disney reps gave pretty much the same response.

[UPDATE] – 7/9/2010 – As if there was not already enough nude footage of Vanessa, there has been new nude pictures that are making rounds that are in a league of their own, make sure to check them out, then come back and let us know what you think. *drool*

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