French model and actress Vanessa Paradis who the world didn’t really see much at all during the majority of her 14 year relationship with Johnny Depp that ended in 2011, is back with a bang after reports surfaced of a Vanessa Paradis sex tape video leak.

The video shows what is said to be Vanessa and an un-known male (possibly Benjamin Biolay) getting it on in a local London hotel room on the couch. The video does show close ups as the male in the video is holding the camera while she pleasures him via a nice little blow job and then turns around sitting on his hot dog and proceeds to work her way up and down while holding herself up grabbing his knees. We have watched the video and can say that in fact the woman in the video does look to be Vanessa with the space between her teeth and all.

There was also reports of a sex tape with her ex Johnny Depp however all the tapes that claimed to be with Johnny could not be authenticated as the real deal so we are still holding out for one of those, but this will most definitely work for now and is a must see.

We put in calls to the PR firm that handles Vanessa’s modeling but as of yet to receive a call back.

[UPDATE] – We got a call back from Vanessa’s PR firm finally and here is their official statement: “Our client was unaware of a sex tape floating around that is said to be her and asks for your respect to privacy in this matter.”

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