One of the most beautiful women of color, singer, actress, fashion model, Penthouse cover girl and former Miss America Vanessa Williams can now according to reports chalk up her very own Vanessa Williams sex tape video to her record number of accomplishments.

Shortly after the video leaked to the net people automatically pointed their fingers at Vanessa’s former husband and NBA basketball star Rick Fox. Rick instantly said that the video content and nude photo’s in question where not leaked by him and was stolen by a close personal friend he thought he could trust (though we all know you can trust no one in the celebrity business). Though we think it was leaked by Rick to brag about the size of his junk… We gotta ask… are all basketball players hung like donkeys?

The video features what appears to be Vanessa and Rick having full blown hardcore sex on tape with a professional HD recording device (camcorder). The two had been drinking and there was liqueur all over the place where the sex tape was filmed and this was defiantly a video that was not set up to further either ones career, so they have that going for them. Vanessa was all kinds of pissed off at Rick after she found out about the video and said that “that content was never meant for the public’s eye and that Rick really shows us his maturity by releasing the footage. Men make me sick now and I am going bi-sexual.” We are not sure if the last part of that comment is true but a Vanessa Williams lesbian sex tape is something we would very much like to see please. ;)

Calls to both reps have gone un-returned thus far…

[UPDATE] – 5/22/2008 – Rick was asked by the local paparazzi about the sex tape video content and almost beat the crap out of the guy that asked the question at the LA airport. I guess we won’t be bringing this issue up anymore. LOL

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