Chinese media have called her one of the Four Young Dan Actresses (四小花旦) in China’s very lucrative film industry, along with Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei and Zhou Xun.Zhang Ziyi… You guessed it Zhang Ziyi who is one of our favorite Chinese film actress and models has been caught up in more than just a Zhang Ziyi sex tape video, she has been caught up being paid for sex by high authority Chinese politicians.

There is a video said to be of Zhang with politician Bo Xilai that last for about 30min of the two having sex in a very lavish hotel room caught on camera by a open laptop accross from the bed. In the video You can clearly see Bo getting head and then proceeds to have sex with the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon celebrity Ziyi for about 20min. The video we must admit is very good and the scandal does not seem to stop there as the rumor that went along with the video is that she was paid 1M U.S. to perform the sex act and has also been known to be with other men that are willing to pay the 1M bucks.

There is also video of Zhang at the beach and while laying on her belly her boyfriend proceeds to finger bang her for a while then gets on top of her and has sex right there on the public beach people watching and everything. Nice!

Calls to Zhang’s reps have gone un-turned and she is tight lipped with the media on the issue as well, So far Zhang has stuck with the story of “it is not me” however most everyone that has seen videos seem to believe “It is her”.

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